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BIOvercome SAPI de C.V. (Overcome)

Chief Research and Development Officer (2015 - current)

Develop team manager, in charge of modeling, design and become to life projects of the startup, and management the technologies used on each one, with the mission of always being updated.

In charge of carry the company projects to Google Cloud Platform.

I use the following languages and technologies:

  • keyboard_arrow_downEleonor

    The most ambitious project of the company, builded to become the digital assistant of Mexico's specialist medics. Builded over Google Cloud Platform, it's a merge of two elements: a Web version, developed using Google App Engine and a mobile app, developed at first time with Adobe Phonegap and after migrated to Objective C.

    Inside the project, I developed the web version all by myself, modeling the Object DataBase, optimizing the query process, building the visual components for each view, implementing the communication API's with external devices an all the server procedures. At same time, I was in charge of the development team, receiving the new project requirements, the development times, the management and monitoring of activities, the issue tracking and I was collaborate with the process and screen modeling.

  • keyboard_arrow_downOvercome Users

    As part of the Eleonor project, I developed a second platform, able of store in a secure and independent way the personal information of each Eleonor user or of any other company's project. In this way, it will be faster develop new systems and it will allow the inter-connection of everyone.

    The platform employ the following encryption algorithms:

  • keyboard_arrow_downBase Lib

    To the inter-communication of Eleonor and Overcome Users, and to accelerate the new project development, I create this project, It's composed with functions and an structure that allows share behaviors between projects, such as Login, User register, Users's Profile edition, File management, Rol management, Encrypted communication, etc.

    This library allows reduce the coding time for new project in almost a 40%, so, now it's only necessary implement the already coded functions

  • keyboard_arrow_downEntity Generator

    Analyzing the structure of already builded projects, (like Eleonor, Overcome Users, OrciusConsolidate, OricusECommerce, etc.) I discovered that everyone shares the same patterns, based on the use of good programming practices and the standard code. So, to accelerate the code process and reduce the mistakes and debug times, I builded a desktop application able of "Programming" entities (Entity + Service + ServiceImp + XML) based on the attributes of the new entity.

    This application manages to accelerate the development of new entities up to 70%.

Express Web Consortium (Orcius)

Chief Research and Development Officer (2012 - 2015)

Develop team manager. I was in charge of keep the company up to date. Responsible of the Google Cloud Platform adoption as base of structural projects.

In charge of recruitment, training and management of the programmers team, as well as resource management for application buildings and scope definitions for each one.

  • keyboard_arrow_downOrcius Consolidate

    Our most ambitious project, it will become the pillar and competitive strength of the company. A system divided on tree big tools, together allows the website building in a custom way, edit the site using a powerful CMS and the domain management.


    Desktop tool, based on EnerwingsDesktop, unlike the previous that builds unique websites, this builds templates, so each template could be used on different projects and update it all at same time (something that previously was impossible). To avoid compatibility issues, it allows manage versions for each template.

    I also change the build logic of the pages, allowing to the web designer create three different Master pages: Smartphones, Tablets or Desktop


    Web platform that allows manage web page projects. It has three principal functions:

    1. Manage TemplatesI mean, communicate with the desktop tool to create or edit any template
    2. Control the Web Sites created from the domain manager, assign a template to any site and link with the other enterprise solutions (OrciusSocialManager, OrciusECommerce, etc)
    3. Act as Content Manager System, controlling the access to auth users to different faces of the site and as contents editor using CKEditor. It allows the creation of new sections of the site, defining for it which "Master Design" must be used and specify the contents that will be shown at each block of the template, depending of the different device. (Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet)

    I was fully on charge of reaches, design and develop of the platform, So I was focus on the creation of an atemporal tool that could implement in an automatic way the best practices of design and programming of web sites, at same time it cumply with SEO optimizations and could build content for each kind of device, instead of just resize the contents.

  • keyboard_arrow_downOrciusECommerce

    Due to the rise of web sites that require e-commerce, I was in charge of modeling a tool that could construct markets that had:

    1. Capacity to manage different stores
    2. Capacity to manager different products by shop
    3. Capacity to answer searches of products inside a store based on different properties (general or specific)
    4. Capacity to store different images and css for each product
    5. Capacity to manage and implement different kind of promotions and discounts:
      • For all the shop
      • For specific products
      • For products with particular properties
      • Direct discount on price (fixed or percent)
      • 2x1, 3x2, 5x4, Discounts
      • "Combo" promotions (at buying X, get at discount on Y)
    6. Capacity to manage buying carts (virtual or with session)
    7. Capacity for manage customers
    8. Capacity for manage personal roles for admin the store
    9. Capacity to communicate with any other system across a customizable web protocol
    10. Capacity for auto-diagnostic
    11. Capacity for intelligent packing the products

    I was model all the platform and I programmed almost a 65%). The platform was designed based on two modules: A management panel (General Store Management and Store Administration) and a REST/Full A.P.I. that allows the integration of the e-commerce engine inside any platform or system.

    As an additional achivement, I integrated the API inside OrciusConsolidate, so it's possible build an e-commerce with all the engine features, which any template created used the platform, inside custom sections of the site.

    All the platform uses different encryption protocols like RSA and AES to guarantee the transaction integrity

  • keyboard_arrow_downOrciusSocialManager

    According the need of manage the Orcius client's passwords in a secure way for their Social Media Accounts, I build a platform that allows not just the secure storage but also the monitoring of accounts of their accounts in Facebook and Twitter, producing customizable graphics and reports of each account and allowing compare it with their rivals.

    I build the 100% of the platform, and my original plan was integrate it with the OrciusConsolidate and OrciusECommerce projects, however, because of external factors, this could not be carried out.

Java Developer (2010 - 2012)


Desktop tool, builded on JAVA, using the Netbeans Platform technology, this allow me build an entire IDE for web sites. The tool was communicated across a secure protocol with the EnerwingsPanel application, In this way, it transform the HTML design created into a "Template" for one Web Site builded with the EnerwingsCMS.

Although I developed the application at 100%, my principal achievement was the visual HTML editor, it works with HTML4 y HTML5, interpreting and showing it on a graphic component that reacts to user gestures and it was context sensible

I build the graphic components in a way that I can create new plug-ins based on the NPM technology of the platform.

Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica Óptica y Electrónica (INAOE)

I collaborated inside the Computer Vision Labs in projects for the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)


In charge of handle and lead the development team, task asignaments, time control, modeling and code the solutions.

My principal contribution during the project development was to reduce the development times about 90%, at implementing Object Oriented Programming Principles.

During the project I work with technologies like:

Javascript (xajax, mootols)