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eCloud Commerce

Due to the rise of web sites that require e-commerce, I was in charge of modeling a tool that could construct markets that had:

  1. Capacity to manage different stores
  2. Capacity to manager different products by shop
  3. Capacity to answer searches of products inside a store based on different properties (general or specific)
  4. Capacity to store different images and css for each product
  5. Capacity to manage and implement different kind of promotions and discounts:
    • For all the shop
    • For specific products
    • For products with particular properties
    • Direct discount on price (fixed or percent)
    • 2x1, 3x2, 5x4, Discounts
    • "Combo" promotions (at buying X, get at discount on Y)
  6. Capacity to manage buying carts (virtual or with session)
  7. Capacity for manage customers
  8. Capacity for manage personal roles for admin the store
  9. Capacity to communicate with any other system across a customizable web protocol
  10. Capacity for auto-diagnostic
  11. Capacity for intelligent packing the products

I was model all the platform and I programmed almost a 65%). The platform was designed based on two modules: A management panel (General Store Management and Store Administration) and a REST/Full A.P.I. that allows the integration of the e-commerce engine inside any platform or system.

As an additional achivement, I integrated the API inside OrciusConsolidate, so it's possible build an e-commerce with all the engine features, which any template created used the platform, inside custom sections of the site.

All the platform uses different encryption protocols like RSA and AES to guarantee the transaction integrity

Team Work

Project Manager,Analyst,DBA,Backend DeveloperCarlos Corona
Backend Developer,Frontend DeveloperMarisela Reza
Backend Developer,Frontend DeveloperRené Reyes